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Me, working the crowd for Adobe at MacWorld, circa 2000


I forgot all about this. This was fun. Really glad someone took a picture, but I can’t remember who it was or what camera was used.

A True Renaissance Man

Pencil and Final, renaissance man for cable spot

The client never had the money for the spot, but it would have been GLORIOUS!

Video review created for MacCast podcast

Video review of 5th gen iPod Video

I should have added this a LONG time ago, but better late than never!  Special thanks to Adam Christianson for adding it to his podcast and thanks to the 20,000 or so viewers that liked it!

Here’s the original entry on Adam’s MacCast blog.

Slimfast CG spot

I think there’s some irony here – a CG spot for a product like this? Maybe I’m the only one who sees it…

This was only a test, and never used anywhere, but nice enough to show. This was modeled, animated and rendered in Maxon’s Cinema4D.

Click on the image below to play it.

Opening for Showtime show

An all-CG opening I did for Ed Wiseman from Rocket Science, for a Showtime show he was producing.

This was modeled, animated, and rendered in Maya.

Click on the image below to play it.

Granny lives!

Here’s a cartoon created when I first started on my own, back in 1994 or so. This was for Corbitt Design for a children’s CD-ROM.

Corbitt Design did the CG background. I animated Granny traditionally (pencil on paper), scanned the drawings into Photoshop where they were cleaned up and painted, and then everything was composited in After Effects.

Click on the image below to play it.

Photo wallpaper

I’m not usually a fan of photo wallpapers, but I shot this with my iPhone and it works well.

Replacing a physical prop with a CG prop

Sometimes it’s easier to replace a prop in post rather than rebuild a practical set. Such was the case here — this situation was well-suited for CG replacement. The camera was locked down, the scene was fast, minimal tracking was involved…all in all, much simpler than reshooting everything.

This was modeled, animated, and rendered in Maya, and composited in After Effects.

Click on the image below to play it.

papers 2

I wish I could remember where I got the palette from... :(


This is a book cover I created for the first edition of "Acting For Animators" by Ed Hooks.